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We are a small, hard-working professional services firm based in Vista (San Diego County), California.  We aid our clients in focusing on the feasibility of new business and project initiatives, provide organization and planning support throughout development of the project or program, and provide experienced execution oversight during the implementation, construction and delivery phases.

Jeff Puzzullo
Founder and Principal

Jeff Puzzullo, Founder and Principal, provides the company with expert project controls and operations management.  Having served as the owner of two general engineering construction companies, Jeff has the proven experience of over 38 years of hands-on prime contracting experience in the public works and industrial sectors with a continual focus on infrastructure capital improvement projects across the United States.  With an extreme attention to detail, Jeff provides the company with the expertise required to develop, implement and maintain the complex system of operations and project controls.  Jeff ensures accountability of the company through integrated system controls management for all business operations and on all projects undertaken at the federal, state, local, municipal, commercial and industrial project levels.

From the 1970’s to date, Jeff has served as the president and owner of two general engineering construction companies that are directly responsible for the completion of over $500 million in public works and private sector infrastructure projects.  Jeff is responsible for the business success of this work at all levels from administrative and managerial to the field-based operations.  Systems management for these operations include estimating, bidding, contracts administration including bonds and insurance, project management, procurement, subcontracting, safety programs, and maintaining compliance with federal, state and municipal government code and specification requirements  Project emphasis has typically focused on capital improvement infrastructure projects including water and wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, pipelines, chemical handling facilities, standby power generation facilities, odor control facilities, drainage, transportation and public works administration centers.  Also, during the past ten years Jeff has served as a project development consultant and planner on utility-scale megawatt and gigawatt solar power projects in the United States and Mexico.


Puzzullo Consulting takes great pride in develop project schedules, cost estimates and other tools that all development, design and construction projects require.  Jeff Puzzullo is one of the original users of Primavera P3 software during the early 1980's, which has now advanced to the Oracle family of P6 Project Planning softwares.

Utilizing over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, with focus on complex utility-based civil engineering projects, Puzzullo Consulting develops complex CPM schedules for timeline management commencing with the baseline schedule and then assisting the project management team with monthly updates.  When sometimes needed, delay analysis and dispute supporting analysis is developed to support the client's requirements for achieving agreements with its clients, or when needed, to support mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Cost estimating services are often provided to developers, institutions and engineering or architectural design firms to aid in developing estimated costs for projects that are in the planning, development or design phases.  Puzzullo Consulting excels in this area because of its ability to infuse real construction project experience as a general engineering and general building contractor into cost estimates that it prepares.  This effort provides a more realistic approach to the cost of the work by being able to identify activities that only an experienced contractor may fully understand.

Please contact Jeff Puzzullo, Principal, for more information regarding project design and construction scheduling, cost estimating, time impact analysis, project planning and development plans, business plans, and other presentation-grade documents.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of some of the finest business developers, project planners and promoters, engineers, contractors, construction managers, consultants and administrative technicians who are experienced in the operations of energy and utility-related businesses, projects and programs at all levels of the public and  private infrastructure sectors.  

Let's Meet

“We're a small and growing firm with a great deal of practical real-project experience. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you with your project and business development needs!  So what are you waiting for, let's meet".

Jeff Puzzullo, Principal, Puzzullo Consulting

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